Blowbang With Cindy, Scene #01

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Description: GREET THE MEAT is where Cindy really gets to shine and show off her mouth game that is out of this world! It's a wonder none of her FIVE COCKSMEN accidentally popped early with that pierced tongue doing its whirlwind tricks between her legendary cheeks. Cindy was so anxious to get going that she already stripped down to nothing. The Cocksmen didn't really try to stop her. Can you blame them? Those permanently hard nipples point to heaven the whole time she is making her Cocksmen harder and harder as they fervently rotate around her. Scotty gets her attention first and seems to come back for more quite often, but Cindy doesn't object. Being a tenured pro, Cindy knows how to keep her hands and mouth busy at all times. She's spoiled for choice with all the prime sausage laid out in front of her. She also knows how to pay particular attention to the balls. Scotty presents a perfect DICK TABLE in front of Cindy so she can avoid straining her neck and suck him from another direction. What a gentleman. To show her gratitude, Cindy even takes Scotty and Chris in her mouth at the same time. This girl is a pro with impressive skills! She does a little more double dick action during her COCKTOPUS before she skips down the hall, too eager to be gangbanged to wait for a Cocksman to pick her up and carry her. This legend knows what she is doing and it shows in her gangbang. Watch it and learn a thing or two. Maybe next week's gangbang queen is doing just that and taking notes to try and one-up Cindy. There is only one way to find out; come back next week and see what new tricks the next girl has learned on GangbangCreampie!
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